Writer / Director. Born October 16th 1980 in Pueblo, Colorado into a large Mexican family, Aaron was the youngest child of Benjamin and Bernice Martinez. From an early age he developed a keen interest in storytelling and creating characters. He quickly filled drawing blocks with sketches of visual trickery, original characters as well as expanding the Universe of comic classics. Through high school Aaron excelled in all academics, but nothing compared to his enjoyment drafting the most dynamic expression of character he could fit on a page. At the age of sixteen, his mother passed away after years of battling cancer and Aaron's work took on a dramatically darker yet tender expressive tone. He was inspired by the great works from Caravaggio to noir classics and modern cinematic masterpieces.

After graduating class valedictorian, Aaron went on to study film at the University of Colorado experimental filmmaking program. Led by Stan Breakage, who is widely regarded as one of the most prolific experimental filmmakers ever, the CU film program is known for its free flowing and artistically innovative atmosphere, with notable alumni Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Derek Cianfrance. Aaron was exposed to a filmmaking culture unlike anything he had ever known which naturally bled into his own filmmaking work. Inspired by innovative post WWII European cinema, Aaron left the United States soon after completing his undergraduate degrees in Film Theory and Film Production.

His first stop was the Spanish capital city of Madrid. He quickly fell in love with Madrid’s vibrant youthful energy and art house cinemas. To satisfy Visa requirements, Aaron enrolled in Universidad de Complutense to study philosophy. This passive hobby turned into a full fledged obsession and Aaron began to teach himself German in hopes to read his favorite thinkers as originally written.

When it was time for summer break, Aaron moved to the Mediterranean hot spot Mallorca to become a Scuba Diving Instructor. After another stint in Madrid, Aaron decided to make Berlin his new home. He was drawn to the cities historic past and current explosion of art, music and fashion. Aaron quickly got to working in TV commercials and music videos. After two short years he began a family with a lovely Swiss girl and his career began to take off. He worked with Cannes Lion award winning post houses as an editor and designer. He was also the lead designer and editor to the Super Tiger Show, that went from 3 minute Youtube sensation to a 40 minute sketch comedy show running primetime immediately after Madmen on German Television.

At this point Aaron had to access his career direction, a fast paced and trendy career in commercials or refocus his energy on the great characters he always loved to write. The choice was easy and he quickly applied to the American Film Institute Conservatory’s directing program. While at AFI, Aaron has merged his sense of unique visuals with a keen understanding of narrative storytelling. His thesis film Dirty Laundry has won Laurels from the Director’s Guild of America, the American Society of Cinematography, a nomination for the Student Academy Award and much more. Olive, his latest film, has received support from the DGA, Kodak, and Panavision.

Inspired to create unique characters for the screen, Aaron’s writing and directing blend gritty reality with the fantastical. He is drawn to the outsider looking for a place to call his own, the lonely soul in need of love and a chance for hope when all is nearly lost. From his days in the editing room, his work demonstrates an emotional pacing and carefully constructed visual language that emphasizes the character’s journey. Aaron is currently developing original episodic television.